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Art Circulation

mediation Culturelle

Dialogue Danse Actuelle (DDA) is an online cultural mediation project created by Art Circulation.

DDA invites artists and experts from other professional spheres to discuss current topics and contemporary issues.

The DDA meetings will address different current topics such as: society, politics, environment, science, economy, sexuality, inclusion, diversity, globalization, technology, human rights, artistic and corporal practices, etc.

Each online meeting is preceded by the sharing of texts, videos, photos and other references that the artist and his interlocutor propose to us in order to familiarize us with their work process, their interests and inspirations.

In this way, they contribute to the construction of an open source platform of archives and publications around the performing arts- a platform that intends to grow thanks to the participation of our audience and their contribution of shared resources. 

how does it work?

the guests

We invite an artist and a specialist from anotherprofessional field to talk about a current topic - environment, human rights,inclusion etc.


Before the conversation, we publish on the website different resources - texts, videos, photos, drawings - shared by the guests, to illustrate their creative process, inspirations, motivations.

the meeting

An online meeting between the speakers is organized to discuss the subject in question, and contextualize the work of the invited artist in relation to this subject.


The recording of the conversation is added to the DDA site. You can return to the discussion page at any time to review the content and contribute to the platform's resources.


Users are invited to share their references regarding the topics of discussion through our contact form or through comments on the DDA FB page. These references will be revised and added to our site, visible to all to consult them.

who are we?

Art Circulation

The DDA platform is a project of Art Circulation - a consortium of three companies and four independent artists: Montréal Danse, maribé - sors de ce corps, Le Carré des Lombes, Katia-Marie Germain, George Stamos, Marc Boivin and Audrée Juteau, respectively.

Art Circulation is dedicated to promoting the works of choreographers associated with the companies that form, transform and color the signature of the organization.

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Our philosophy is based on sharing knowledge and resources, in a multi-generational and collective vision.
We are committed to recognizing artistic visions that question dance and movement. We prioritize respect for personal approaches that are "signed" and refined over time.
Art Circulation strives to build bridges to bring the artistic work and practices closer to presenters, but also to dance lovers and new audiences.

art circulation's team

The Dialogue Danse Actuelle project started with the concept of the Caravane de la Danse - Frédéric's Lapierre original idea, with substantial ideation help from Joël Klein, redaction help from Dimitri Haddad and support from the Art Circulation companies.

Marie Claire Forté

Marie Claire Forté dances, choreographs, writes, translates, teaches and leads her own projects, such as the video installation Mères et mouvements d'enfants presented in 2022.

Arnaud Rochefort-Allie

Arnaud Rochefort-Allie has recently started hosting the exchanges between the guests of Dialogue Danse Actuelle.

Ciro Melgaço
Assistant to the General and Artistic Direction

Ambre Marionneau
Project and Communications Manager

Arnaud G Veydarier
Project and Communications Manager

Jamie Wright

New to Art Circulation, Jamie injects her energy and enthusiasm as a catalyst behind the scenes at DDA.

Valérie Lessard

Valérie Lessard hosts the conversations between the guests of the platform.

Karolina Rychlik

Responsible for the development of projects that support the outreach of the artistic approaches of the organization's artist members on a national and international scale. She is at the origin of the conception of DDA